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Get to know your violinists.

Lake City welcomes violinists from all over the world to participate in a week long music festival.  Come join us and hear them grow throughout the week in open lessons, outreach performances, and the final Gala performance.  


Lake City Arts Chamber Concert

Annie Chalex Boyle and Friends 

Stigall Theatre

Classical Chamber Music Performance

VISIONS - combining music and art

7/31 Monday

7:30PM  (tickets at Lake City Arts)

Senior Luncheon

8/4 Friday

Anthony Gallery


Senior Luncheon and Concert ($10)

Featuring the Academy Violinists


Family Concert

8/3 Thursday


Hinsdale County Museum

Bring the kids!  This is a free concert with an opportunity to try a real violin and hear your Academy Violinists  

Open Lesson Masterclasses

Stigall Theatre (Free!  Come and go as you feel comfortable)

8/1 Tuesday 7PM-10PM

8/2 Wednesday 4PM-6PM

8/3 Thursday 3PM-6PM

8/4 Friday 4PM-6PM


Mountaineer Theatre

8/3 Thursday

Mountaineer Theatre

7:30PM (tickets at the door)


Join the violinists at the Mountaineer to watch this great film!


Final Gala Concert

8/5 Saturday

Stigall Theatre

6PM (free! But you need a ticket from LCA)

Gala Final Concert featuring all six violinists

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